About the insurance industry


The insurance industry holds a wealth of opportunity for those either at the start of their careers or for those who are transitioning from one career to another.

The following career types are just the beginning of where your first job in insurance can take you:

  • Underwriters

  • Claims Adjusters

  • Insurance Brokers in sales and service

  • Sales and Service Agents

  • Risk Management

Where many careers in other sectors these days require an enormous financial and time commitment to complete long degrees and diplomas, with onerous licensing requirements to follow, the insurance industry remains a very open career space.

For most of the job types listed above, a good attitude, strong communication skills and some commitment to continuing education is all that is needed to get your foot in the door. Career progression is widely available for many. You are able to start working and learning in the field, while still completing insurance-related college and university level courses. Earning your education while you earn your living.